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daily icon fix

A New Icon a Day Takes the Boring Away
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This is a community where each day one (or maybe somedays more) icon will be posted. Each day's icon will be differant. Add to your friendslist to not miss any and when you find an icon you like comment on the post, save it, and use it whenever you like.

1. Please credit: icon_a_day
2. Comment if you save an icon so I know if it's liked or not
3. Have fun, enjoy
4. Post icons you made if you like!
5. Feel free to make a request (see below as to how to go about requesting)
6. If you're adding 3 or more icons please us a live-journal cut. example(take out the stars): <*lj-cut* *text*=*"title of cut"*> text you want cut here <*/lj*>

icon_a_days' credits all if not most of these bases were taken from:
pre-made bases
+ lj community- basicbases

+ Kurt Halsey
+ Aaron Kraten

To Make A Request
It's simple, post an entery (plese use lj-cut if request is long), include things like:
+a certain picture you want (link to picture would be great)
+text you want inculded
+any specific fonts you want
+any specific colors you want
+describe what you want it to look like


+just tell me a certain topic or type of icon you'd like to see, should read something like this: "I'd like to see an invader zim icon as a daily icon"